Marrvelous Wilde OFS

32 years, devout Catholic/Secular Franciscan; listen to The Smiths/Morrissey/Johnny Marr; I like Morrissey's shirts/Marr's guitars/literature/Sherlock Holmes/films/animals. Most of the things I post on this blog are not mine, I borrow them from their real owners. When you want to post something, please indicate the exact source of your post. Thank you.

"I think it’s important that I didn’t get too much of an island-like mentality which maybe could happen coming back here but I’ve come back to Manchester because I feel like it’s a really good place to make music. It has nothing to do with that I’m from here and or nostalgia. I’m not a nostalgic person — I’m sort of pathologically forward-looking. It was a pragmatic decision to be in this city as opposed to London. I thought about writing the record in New York but I wanted to have some aspects Britain. I knew I wanted to write about my environment. I will say though that there’s a certain energy I remembered here from when I was a teenager. Whether I imagined it or not, I felt like it would be useful to have that moving me along." - Johnny Marr, 2013

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